Our Mission

What is your criteria when buying a smart device?
Do you feel like there is always something missing
with your smartphone or tablet?

At Wiz Smart Device, we aim to design and offer
product with style and passion, because we believe
technology product is not only about having faster
processor, larger screen and more memory.

It is about who you are, so come wiz us to show off
your taste with technology, wherever you go.

Our Design Philosophy

Iterative User Centered Design is the foundation of
our product design.

Through the use of various method and tools, such
as Persona, Scenario, Usability Testing, Interview
and Survey we engage target users to define and
refine user experiences.

The illustration below visualizes our design process
and philosophy.


Our Consumer Product

Coming Soon...

Please stay turned for product launch information in Q3 2011


Our design team offers consulting service to enable
rapid prototyping. At this moment, the consulting
service includes industrial and mechanical design
to assist companies with turn-key PCBA solution to
show case their technology solution

Contact Us

For professional consulting services,
please email servicesales@wizdevice.com,
For all others please email info@wizdevice.com

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